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New Ideas from Concrete Contractors

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New Ideas from Concrete Contractors

Published: 08/04/2010 by Patsy Hamilton for

Concrete contractors do more than patios and driveways. They can do interior floors, countertops, fireplace surrounds and even furnishings for your home or office.

The advantages of using the material for interior flooring are numerous. It helps to keep the home’s interior cooler and is long lasting.

It is the only logical choice for garage floors where it is typically coated with a rubber-like material to protect against chipping and staining. Before the cement hardens, patterns can be added for interest and beauty.

You will no doubt be surprised at all of the designs available. You can have the look of marble or tile flooring for a fraction of the price.

Cement can be stained, dyed and polished, just like other mineral-based materials. Countertops and sinks composed of it have the look of the finest marble.

When the cement hardens, it is one of the most waterproof materials in the world. In low lying areas that are prone to flooding, this is the ideal material. The more it is used for, the less you will have to worry about replacing in case of a disaster.

When you think of fireplace surrounds, you may think of brick. Bricklayers and concrete contractors often work together. The mortar used to hold the brick together is very similar to cement.

In addition to being easier to cool, cement floors can also be easier to keep warm. Radiant heaters can be safely installed in this material.

No other material is more resistant to fires or flames. If cement items are damaged in a fire, they can be cleaned, resurfaced and reused. Wood pieces and most other materials may be damaged beyond repair.

When it comes to home furnishings, concrete contractors can help inside and out. Just a few of the items that can be created with cement are tables, grills and outdoor kitchens. Chairs can be crafted from the material as well.

Many of the hazards of hurricanes, tornadoes and other windstorms are outdoor furnishings. You rarely need to worry about a cement item becoming a wind-propelled missile.

They will stay put under practically any wind conditions. You are basically taking a rock and crafting it into a usable item. It’s hard to come up with anything sturdier.

Cement can be used in green buildings. One of the goals of environmentally friendly buildings is to create something that lasts. That way, fewer resources go towards building new.

The work done by concrete contractors is not always satisfactory. You want someone with a high level of experience, if you want something more than a driveway. Even driveways can be botched when the contractor does not have the necessary experience.

It’s always a good idea to get quotes from a number of different providers and compare, not just the cost, but the qualifications. Ask for references and to see photos of the projects they have completed in the past.

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