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House extension and 2nd story addition    Closed - $30,000+ Etobicoke, Ontario In Archive
After flood basement reno - gutted    Closed - $10,000-$30,000 Toronto, Ontario In Archive
Plumbers Edmonton    Closed - I donít know Edmonton, Alberta In Archive
Re-shingle Porch Roof    Closed - I donít know Toronto, Ontario In Archive
Lashar Rugs    Closed - I donít know Toronto, Ontario In Archive
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How It Works. After publishing your home improvement requirements we will notify hundreds of local contractors effectively attracting them to bid for your business. You will get instant replies from top rated local general contractors, electicians, plumbers, handymen and home renovation companies eager to compete for your home improvement, home repair or new construction projects.

For many people home is the most important and valuable life long asset which requires a certain level of maintenance and home improvements. That's why we believe it is important to find the local general contractor, handyman, plumber or an electrician that not only fits your requirements and home improvement budget but can be trusted to do the job right. Whether you are in the planning stages of your project, in process of basement renovation, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or just looking to fix that leaky water heater, finding a contractor who is capable and reliable is the most important task. This is where we come in. will find you the right contractor, carpenter, handyman or a professional home renovation company absolutely free of charge. Post your project, view contractor bids and read their reviews made by other homeowners before you decide if you wish to provide them with your contact information to make further arrangements such as schedule an on site visit with the contractors you are most interested in. Ready to start?

Maintenance and Repairs

Regular home maintenance can reduce the need for costly repairs in the future

Construction & Additions

If you are someone in the market for new home construction & additions, then I have a few tips for you as to how to get the job done right


You have decided to build your own home, you have the vision and you know what you want it to look like

Landscaping and Gardening

Many times all a seemingly drab home needs is a little bit of landscaping and gardening work to spruce it up

Utilities and Systems

Whether building a new home or renovating your old one, getting energy efficient home utilities and systems should be high on your list of priorities

Home Renovations

A comprehensive guide to home renovations would be book-length. What you will find here is a basic guide to get your started

Home Improvement

Hereís an overview of some of the latest industry related news. Keeping up-to-date is important for home improvement contractors

Renovations Worth Your Investment

If you are thinking about making home renovations, you would probably like to know if your investment will pay off.


Figuring out whether or not to call an electrician might seem like a simple thing to do. But with the popularity of DIY, amateurs are risking life and limb instead of calling a professional.


If you need a job done around your home, you might think about calling a handyman or to be PC a handyperson. Hereís a look at the jobs they can handle.

Rate a Contractor

If you have an experience with a contractor that you would like to share with the community, please do so. Whether it's a positive or negative one, there are homeowners that will benefit from what you have to say. Rate a contractor.

Why is a great resource for homeowners looking to find top rated local contractors and a great opportunity for contractors to find leads. While homeowners benefit from finding reputable contractors to do the job according to requirements and set budget, contractors can save thousands of dollars on advertising. has top rated local contractors identified in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary, Regina, London and even other cities such as Fredericton, Welland and Caledon.

With over 4,500 contractor members and over $3M in project in our database and growing, is Canada's #1 matching tool for reliable home improvement contractors and homeowners.